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Mineral Water Caps & Closure Molds’

hallmarks include extremely fast cycle times, (sometimes less than 2 seconds).

Plastic Mineral Water Cap Mould

Plastic Mineral Water Cap Mould hallmarks include extremely fast cycle times, (sometimes less than 2 seconds). Mold cooling becomes extremely important to achieve these cycles as well as a smooth and even ejection of the parts from high cavitation molds which are some of StackTeck’s strengths.We specialized in designing and manufacturing plastic cap mold, PET preform mold, blowing mold with our own mould factory.AD/CAM/CAE system for designing and engineering mould products.We design and use standard moul frame and use pricision 3D printer and CNC tooling machine to make parts, in order to ensure the quality of the moulds. We also wholesale Plastic cap, other molds and service.

Here is the technical parameters of compression cap mould’s molding speed

Machine Series Cap Diameter Cap Height Voltage&  Frequency Capacity Machine Dimension Machine  Weight
CCM-JP24G(Standard) 20-70mm 10-30mm 380V/50Hz /60Hz 24000pcs/h 5.5*1.9*2.2m 7000kg
CCM-JP24H(High Speed) 20-50mm 10-30mm 380V/50Hz /60Hz 35000pcs/h 7.0*2.7*2.6m 11000kg
CCM-JP36H(High Speed) 20-50mm 10-30mm 380V/50Hz /60Hz 60000pcs/h 8.0*4.2*2.6m 15000kg
CCM-JP48H (High Speed) 20-40mm 10-30mm 380V/50Hz /60Hz 80000pcs/h 9.5*4.2*2.6m 15000kg
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Mineral Water Closure cap Molds

Cap mold with 38mm diameter seal, made of stainless material that gurantees minimal use over time.

The hot chamber and the nozzles have been designed and bult in –house in the company itself, whereas all components have been designed specifically for the type of mold to be made.

All the printing parts are tempered and coated, ensuring the functionality and durability of the components.

All the parts shown are designed to be interchangeable with each other, so as to reduce the response time in case of problems.

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