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5 Gallon Bottle Cap Mould

Maximize your 5 gallon water caps output - superior closure solutions for efficient 5 gallon water cap molds offered by shuanghao that has done a huge of different caps and closures projects, a division of Shuanghao Mould, are here for you! You will get the excellent 5 gallon water cap mold with full support from the cap design to mass production on your factory. shuanghao has delivered hundreds of high performance 5 gallon water bottle cap molds reputed among customers.

Shuanghao mold is producing shorten cycle time 5 gallon cap mould,using highlight technology, easy to heating the temperature up, making products easy to forming and strength the products, also reduce the injection time and improve the productivity.Our extensive knowledge of the 5 gallon water caps and our commitment to continuous quality improvement guarantee that you could get the excellent solutions of 5 gallon water caps production.

Here are the highlights of our 5 gallon water bottle cap molds and why we could provide the superior 5 gallon cap molds:

Excellent Mold Design

The final plastic part quality depends on its mold design much. So the mold design is the key process for your starting a new 5 gallon cap production! That’s what shuanghao always enhances on too.

How shuanghao could guarantee the optimal 5 gallon cap mold design? There are at least two aspects:

1. Knows well about the specification and requirement of 5 gallon water bottle cap

Gallon cap design

It not only helps us analyze the optimal design of 5 gallon cap itself, but also ensure that our mold design team do the best mold design for 5 gallon caps quickly, such as the mold ejector design shall be considered with the tear tape type of 5 gallon water bottle cap.

2. Work together to learn more about the customers’ demand

Cost saving but high quality & efficiency – core demand – which shall be considered well when design the mold, like,

a. Strong structure for durable work under the high speed injection molding conditions, but the size of total mold is designed to be as smaller as it possible for cost and storage room saving;

b. Max. Output – usually would depend on faster cycle time much, so the mold shall be designed to have optimal cooling and air venting system.

Shape: round
Neck Size: 55mm (usually)
Material: PE (or others, it would affect its ONE-WAY or RE-USABLE usage)
Color: any color is available, and there would be two-color style too.
Application: 3, 4, 4.5 and 5 gallons water cooler bottles for your home or office.
Closure Type: One-piece type without inner plug or three-piece type with inner plug and foam liner or others
Surface Treatments: color-spray painting, silk-screen printing, label sticker…

Shuanghao Technical Department is specialized in the design, development and implementation of solutions for the moulding of caps. In order to always improve the product quality and the productivity optimisation , the department offers professional and human competences matured in over 10 years of experience.

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